Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Heart Felt Message

A Heart-felt Message

One day I heard the message:
A hard head makes a soft behind,
And the tallest trees you fall from are the ones you choose to climb.”
And then I started thinking,
Another gem popped in my head:
A life well-lived can’t be achieved from the safety of your bed.”
And then I felt the message,
A wisdom somewhere deep
It made its presence known,
From my head down to my feet.
I kept on contemplating
Till I couldn’t think no more
My conscience started kicking in
Of this I was sure.
I felt it in my heart
That some things I did were wrong.
And I couldn’t keep them
As a secret
In the dark for long.
I knew I had a hard head
And I’d made a soft behind
But now I want to see the Sun and leave that life behind.
I didn’t have a helmet, a harness, or the time
But I kept in picking California Redwoods, tryna climb.
But now those days are over
My head’s soft as it should be
And without all that extra armor
I can finally see.
I see the path before
I know who I can be
And that doesn’t include
Being the man who climbed the largest tree.
This heart-felt message changed me
It stayed inside my head
Because a life well-lived can’t be achieved from the safety of your bed.



Why’d you leave me stranded
When you didn’t have to leave?
Why’d you choose to go away?
Did it have to do with me?

I was told you had postpartum
But didn’t know what that meant.
Why didn’t you take pictures of the places that you went?

Why did I call others, “mother”
When you’re the one who gave me birth?
Why do I still think about you
Even though sometimes it hurts?

Why aren’t we together
As a mother and her son?
Dad told me that God decided
There could only be one.

Why won’t you see me graduate,
Get a license and a car?
Why’d you have to leave me behind
Without me knowing who you are?

Life's Mystery

Life’s Mystery

Life is a mystery
One that never seems to be solved
All answers beyond what the eye can see
Through all life’s twists and turns
Through hate that burns
And love that mourns
This mystery is never solved
More and more everyday people lie
To hide what’s hidden on the inside
More and more everyday people try
To get away from the corrupted outside
But they get nowhere
Stuck in between the here and there
Where no one seems to care
Outside is filled with tears and laughter
Along with poor miscommunication
But all that’s gone when you enter the hereafter
Along with rich information
About the pain of roses
About the door that closes
And how money poses
In this life that’s filled with sensations
The question is why to we hate
Those who are kind
And love the ones that are now late?
And for an answer I get a question
With dirty looks from dirty faces
Not to mention
The failed riots, protests, and interventions
There’s no answer to the question
That troubles my black and white mind
To ease my troubled mind
I take a sip
Then my heart and soul come to life
Into memory lane I take a dip
Not realizing I’m causing strife
With the hurt and pain I’m collecting
My insides suddenly projecting
The help that I’m now neglecting
Then there’s the little boys and girls
Sucked into deception and temptation
By the big bad cruel world
They use this as an excuse to fill sensation
To be the baddest kids around
To clarify their silent cries at night that don’t make a sound
To show why they starve themselves to lose a pound
And explain why they live their life in desperation
Life is a mystery
One that never seems to be solved
And never will be



There will be no peace without war
To give is to gain
But what for?
To love is to hate
But wait…
Now we’re to late to love some more
We lie when we try to be true
We’re true to those who lie
We give up when all we do is try
Then we cry in the night
Yet we try to find the light
We lie in bed with those who we do not kiss
And kiss those who belong to another
We’re hurt by our father
But blame our mother
They call us their son
But don’t treat us like a child
Apparently we’re their daughter
But yet we’re too wild
They lock us up and throw away the key
Then ask why we are not free
We hear the words true love
And know its meaning
We say the word love
And have no clue to its true meaning
We all want to be real but act fake
We all give more than we can take
And take more than what we make
We say stop but proceed to go
We say yes but really mean no
We say we know but we have no clue
We believe in lies but not what’s true
We live in a world where being bad is the new good
Instead of learning from schools we learn from the hood
Instead of reading books we’re getting lit
Throwing our life away with every sip
We live in a world where being rude is the new kind
Tell others to stay out our business
But don’t know how to mind mine
We live in a world of realistics
But stay stuck in the fiction

With all these lovely contradictions. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Piece of Glass

The Piece of Glass

A piece of glass I see
Lying on the ground by its lonesome
It must tell a story
The light it reflects of so handsome

How many things it's seen
But then came to its shattered end
The reflection was keen
But laid to rest without hope of mend

So, where did it come from?
It is the only piece around me
It is but a small crumb
To where did its other small friends flee?

It's a sad piece of glass
It's a camera lost in a big field
Was it thrown by a blast?
Its soul could not be a behind a shield

Around me it's quiet
The empty buildings are silent too
Was it a past riot?
Or can this piece of glass be a clue?

The Man and the Boat

The Man and the Boat

From atop a hill he sees a boat
It's on the beach broken
On its shattered mast, flutters a coat
His wonder has woken

He ventures down to the beach below
He wonders why it's here
Nowhere does he see the boat's fellow
The waves are all he hears

The closer he gets, the more he sees
The hull and the keel are cracked
On the side of the boat he sees LEE
And clarity it lacked

He tries to sift through all the debris
In hopes of a small clue
A wet piece of paper says, “Marie”
But that's out of the blue

He wonders what brought it to its fate
So where is its sailor?
It is starting to get very late
He must find its failure

He looks to the sky and sees it's black
A storm sure is coming
Time is running out, he mustn't slack
The weather is numbing

He's in a rush, he wants to solve this
The weather is scary
There is something he won't want to miss
He's becoming wary

He ruffles 'round and sees a bottle
In the top is a cork
He lifts it and gives it a jostle
And he picks up a fork

Just then he sees a glint of metal
And hears a strong whoosh sound
Next, his body and soul does settle
The clue is what he found



I wonder what
It would be like
To be the wind

Blowing from place to place
Pure freedom
Experiencing everything

I want to blow from place to place
To be totally free
To have no worries

I want to have no specific course
Or constraints

I want to be unaltered
Not controlled
By people

I want to not be affected
By any obstructions
Just like the wind

Thursday, May 25, 2017


       ~group poem

yea the time is rough
I done had enough

can't wait to go home
felling all alone

missing my mom
missing my friends

people always in my face
like please go away

got a slash through that stuff
make me feel like I'm less

trynna knock me down
but I hold my ground

they trynna say I'm something I'm not
but let me not, I'm worth more
than what they thought

got a headache everyday
so stay out my face

family calls me a headache
this is too much to take

got that quick temper yeah
so lemme get some air

can't seem to learn a lesson
cuz I don't stop messin

stay comin at my neck
try to play me like a deck

stay getting me tight
say you know me, yea right

I was not born a toy
so stop playin wit me boii

steady forcing me to talk
why don't you get up and take a walk

staying stuck in the same place
trying to run but there's a knot in my shoelace

trying not to pout
got put on blackout

tryna tell me what to do
tryna tell me that I'm loose

yea I'm stressin, yea I'm stressin
but what I need is a blessin


~a group poem

I say that I'm trying
But people think I'm lying
So why keep trying?

If I said I wasn't
I'd be lyin

Doing all I can

Sometimes it's hard
To keep from cryin

Keep moving forward
Even though I'm scared of dyin

Doing all I can

To go home
To get some extra sleep
To just be left alone

To find my bed
So I can pass out

To get my life
So I can get my dreams

Doing all I can

Hard to stop lying
To spread my wings and start flying

To work in McDonalds
To fry my french fries

To succeed in life
To make a good living

Doing all I can

Don't start sighing
If I keep on trying
I'll soon be flying

I'm tired of trying
Now I'm just doing

Truth, Lies, and Reality

Truth, Lies, and Reality
A group poem by Pod __

I was wondering
What is reality
Because my reality isn't even normality

Lies, they are definitely not the truth
And they are not reality
But what is truth and what is reality?

The truth may be
That we are all being manipulated
By some unseen, unfathomable puppet master

Are the conspiracy theories
Just government lies
Or our perspective on reality?

What's the truth? What's reality?
We can get technical
But let's not play technicalities

How do we decipher between
What is fed to us
And what is real?

When somebody tells us one thing
And someone else another
Who is it that we should trust?

Is reality only what is perceived in the mind
Or does it exist externally
As a thing of its own?

Lies are opinion
Yet truth is fact
Opinions lead to lies

The truth hurts
Hear it now or hear it later
It's all reality

The truth will bring relief
The landing of a leaf
Not a bouncing ball

The truth will set you free
Step up to the ticket booth
Where you must pay the price

They've All Come to Look for America
                                         -Simon and Garfunkel

(A group poem in which each of the boys contributed stanzas)

America, TAKE ONE
The land of Big Macs
The home of the Golden Arches

America is the land of the free
But some may disagree
How free is the land of the free?

Red, white, and blue
These colors fly true
If all the people of America only knew

Oh, I'm proud to live in America
Where the government is kind
And I'd like to thank all the men who worked
To manipulate my mind

And I proudly accept
The propaganda, the lies, and the tricks
If they say three plus three is five
Then it never equaled six

America, TAKE TWO
The land of the Yankees
The home of the NFL

That sounds a little better
But there's still more
This is America we're talking about after all

The things you want out of life
Come with a cost
So look deep

The thing of grace
The thing wanted by all
Can be gone in a blink

Bought by soldiers
Protected by our own
Taken by our enemies

The land of the free
And the home of the brave

We defend those
Who can't defend themselves
No matter the consequence

This is democracy at its best
The first place created on its principles
The first place where dreams can become reality

Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares

~a group poem

Nightmares leave men of all kinds scared
Monsters with teeth bared
No dreams, just nightmares.

They say, “Chase your dreams,”
But why
If life isn't what it seems

My dreams involve heaven and hell
Death and jails
My dreams are complex paradoxes

Nightmares so deep
I ask myself
Why even try to sleep

In my nightmares
Screams and fights there
The fire burns bright there

I dream about me
I dream about my family
I dream about life

My dreams involve heaven and hell
Love and freedom
My dreams are an escape

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

a group poem by the writers of
Pod __

New beginnings are the intro to the next chapter
They are the mark of the beginning of the end
And the place where new life begins

I want a new beginning
But I'm doubting myself
Life I was living wasn't ending

I'm stuck in my old ways
God came to help me but
Then I turned him away

A new beginning, a new beginning
When does it stop
Don't you worry it starts at the end

New beginnings can be garish
While new beginnings can be harsh
New beginnings is a way to start

Like when something dies in your life
You get sad and think of the past
relishing the moments you once had

I thought my life was over
Because of the things I've done
Just remember it was never fun

The burden is what takes you down
Inspiration will pick you up
At the end hope for the best

So much has happened long before
I was marched in through the door
It's part of me and I cannot say I didn't

Cannot say I forgot
I must face my awful past
My awful crimes are out at last

But there is hope and I know
That this is the place I must go
If I am to begin anew

Knowing they don't hate me
Knowing they will give me another chance
Of what I have broken in the past

I have another shot
To be a different me
And not stay here and rot

But now I'm here to make a change
It will work out if I'm willing to switch
And know I'll walk out not acting like a witch

The work we put in
Are the results we get out
Trying for accomplishment

Plant the seed of life
Bloom your deepest dreams
It all begins with light

Goodbye to my callow ways
Goodbye to my infamy
Say hello to a happy new year

The closing of a chapter and the opening of another is a new beginning
Though it may not be what you had in mind
All hidden messages come in time

Feeling stronger is the one that withstands
All creation is made for a reason
We call this, New Beginnings


~a group poem

Pain is indescribable
Pain is an enigma
Why won't my pain go away?

Pain is bad
Pain is really bad
Pain is like a pencil in my back

In the beginning
The pain was tolerable
As sunburn soothed by aloe

But the pain worsened
like skin blistered
from the touch of red hot iron

My pain is unbearable
It splits my skull like a knife
going through butter

It's like the look a man gets
when he knows he's going to die
The pain in his eyes gives it all away

This pain is like a sore
that won't go away
I try to itch it but it just stays.

All I see is pain
I'm living unashamed
But also dying by the gain
How can I maintain
With these demons in my brain

Pain can be violent
Pain can be silent
Silent waters run deep
You reap what you sow
And you sow what you reap.

The pain was not physical
Heartbreak is
The pain searing inside my chest

My pain is not your pain
It's all my own
So don't you ask
Just leave me alone


a group poem
I got my burdens on my back
If you look you see the scars
But those scars are no reason to slack

I am the man I am today
Due to my history or my story
Hope you can handle it, it gets kinda gory

But that's all in yesterday
Which is said and done
Now, will I freeze or will I run

Doing the same things, just a different day
I'm always wondering when it will finally end
But in the end I know I will be better

With no way to see through
My frosted windows, I wish the
conditions of my loved ones were clear to me

Chains tied to me underwater
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Wanting to hear her again

My body is in here
My heart is elsewhere
But my family is out there

I've started to wilt
The scales started to tilt
Am I ready to be built?

All of the dead times
Chains pulling me behind
The past is possessing my mind

The world was on my shoulders
When I couldn't live sober

Like when something dies in your life
You get sad and think of the past
Relishing the moments you once had

The burden is what takes you down
Inspiration will pick you up
At the end, hope for the best.