Monday, March 18, 2019

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Sitting in My Room

Sitting in My Room

~Group Poem by TP4

My room is made of bricks
It isn't much but a shelf, bed, and desk
It has a window but I can't see out of it

Sitting in my room
Just enjoying the view
I still can't stop thinking about you

I count the bricks
The time just ticks on by
My choices have led me to this

My mind is playing tricks
Looking at these dirty white bricks
Boogers here and there
Hair balls everywhere!

My room is an 8 by 8
It's very small
My room has a door but it's not like I can choose to leave

1...2...3...faces in the wall
Which one should I talk to
Because I like them all

Sitting in my room
Waiting to be called for bathroom
But all I can do is sweep with this broom

In my room I spend a lot of time worrying
I also spend time wondering
Trust me, every day I hate this place more and more

Don't look, you'll die
Just a side eye
She saw me, there go my points.

My room is sad
It's very dull
Compared to other rooms you'll notice it's incredibly small

The walls are closing in on me
Claw marks on the windows
Screams are everywhere

I feel like bouncing off these walls
My anxiety is going
Just thinking of all these flaws in my wall

Looking in through the glass
You see a girl who is hurt
And dealing with depression.

In my room I dream
About what life could possibly be
But outside is hard to picture.

Sitting in my room
I'm lost to the outside world
Or maybe I never existed in it at all

Locked in a room like I'm locked in my mind
Giving up slowly
Wishing away the time

Worrying about my panels
Trying to use my coping skills
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 things that are happy

The regrets for what I did
Can't go back
There's only one way

This I've grown to know
You'd think I'd go insane
But I'm so used to it

Yes my room may be tons of terrible things
But for now it has what I need
Till I see what freedom can bring

My window is too small and not even clear
I wish I could see the moon
I wish I could see home

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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Changing Ways


No New Year’s resolution for me
No promises that my demons desist

Less time focusing on streets
More time focusing on degrees
Evaluate the benefits in me and
more time running in my cleats

Not so many people understand me
A few more just my family
Not so many people wanna help me
But I’m gonna focus on my health and wealth

Less running my mouth
More taking it down

Less running the streets
More running in cleats

Change after all… is good
Change after all
Is all I know
Gotta make
This time positive
Before it goes.



Nameless Angel,
it’s been 3 years since I been witchu
I remember them nights when I stepped
down and cried for you
you was only 13 and I was 14
you were too slow for those bullets
to miss you
lately I’ve been sleepin’
dreaming about you
and I ain’t talking about
those good times
I’m talking about July 27 when I saw
you on the floor bleedin’ your heart out
just to say I left that lifestyle go
but not sincerely
I did some hatred crimes so
I could feel you, bro
I’m silver lining just to feel
you again
we was once rivals but we’ve
become more than friends
and I sit here locked
wasting my time saying less
but this tag on me says
because I don’t know who I am…
without you nameless Angel
and sometimes I wonder
is Florida even
safe for me to be out there
being called a thug is not something
I wanna be called this year
Nameless Angel, hopefully later down
the line I’ll be able to see you
up there.

Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Dog leash
oh god, please help get these dang fleas
cause I’m stripped of my freedom
and I can’t speak
every time I try to bark
it’s like I’m make believe
they scream “SIT”
I follow
they scream “TALK”
I bark
short temper little dog
but my heart not small
I’ve been through hell and back
I mean look at my inside it
be nothing but straight black
I give you the puppy’s eye
so you could see through my
damn eyes
yeah, I know you don’t gotta
tell me though
my world is like a fallen
galaxy cause I can’t even
navigate through it
Oh god, please help me get these
dang fleas
cause I’m tired of being pulled
by this here leash….

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time
Nine years ago
I would fix my thought process

If I could turn back time
To tell somebody I needed help
I wouldn't be writing this poem

If I could turn back time
To tell everyone the truth
I would be in a better position

If I could turn back time
To tell my mom I love her
I would do this in a heartbeat

Now read from bottom to top
And see what I would do now
If I could turn back time